About Me

My name is Penny Myers
I’m an Author, mother, Nanny, friend.

I have been many women in my lifetime.
I have been the protector and the provider,
I have been the lover and the fighter,
But the woman I value most
Will always be the survivor. ~S.L.Heaton

In my early 20s grief and loss hit me after the death of her first child Laura, age 4.
I went on to have 2 daughters, 15 months apart.
My 4th child, Nicholas was born 4 years later
I was very busy and had a distraction from my loss & grief.

At that time, I was a stay-at-home Mom until all children were in school,
My dream job was balancing the house and children and finances
Once her children were grown and in post secondary education… they started to move out of the house.

I began full time work in an office and taking spiritual courses on the side.

I know this was my life’s purpose because it prepared me for my grieving journey after my son Nicholas died by suicide, at the age of 20, 1 month later daughter was married a month following Nicks best friend died by suicide.

Today, I have created resources for suicide survivors and now working on The Survivor Series, my books. I invite you to explore what my books that explain some of what they are about.

My goal is to help others in life’s challenges to survive and live a life with joy and happiness.

Penny Myers

Survivors of Suicide Loss YouTube Videos

The Survivor Series