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Surviving My Path Through Suicide Loss

Nicholas died by suicide May 19, 2007 at age 20. Grief, pain, and loss was my journey for years to come. I refuse to let my son’s death define me, yet I found a positive way to remember him, a book!

Available Early Jan 2021

Surviving My Divorce

I believed a marriage was til death do we part. What I realized was it takes two to keep a marriage together. One cannot do it alone. But, there is life after a divorce.

Available early Jan 2021

Surviving my Childhood

I grew up in a verbal and physical abusive home environment.  My mother was void in my life and my father enforced the discipline with my older brother and I. My two younger siblings escaped the abuse. To this day, they dont believe what happened to me. The mother I had was not the same mother they had, physically. Their mother tells them lies about me. My father has died so no one can back anyone up. I left at age 14 to complete my high-school and to survive my teen years. I wanted to survive and I have!

Available Feb 2021

Surviving the Loss of My Child

My first born girl, Laura, was 1 year old when she was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Tay-Sachs. She was given six months to live. As a first time mom, I was devastated. I had to survive this traumatic time in my life. I did.

Available early Jan 2021

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Veteran survivors This book is being written with an amazing hard working Veteran out of Wyoming, USA Uncertain when it will be available 2022 Will update this site as soon as we know.

The pain and grief of a survivors of suicide loss. There is never closure when a death is by suicide.

Life had to go forward for me. I put my grief and pain into positive actions. Remembering Nicholas was about postvention education and resources.

How relationships change when a death by suicide. Happens when their is lack of education. Stigma and taboo has yet to erode.