• December 24, 2020
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Dear reader, I can totally understand how a adult child can distance themself from their parent. I was abused by my father as a young child and in my early teens and my mother was never there for me. From a very young age I do not know what it was like to have been nurtured, loved, protected or defended when my father beat me. My mother was usually the reason for my abuse by my father. She was a tattle tail. Even the smallest thing I may have done as a child, my mother would tell my father. He had anger issues and my parents had their relationship troubles. How my father handled his, their issues was taken out on me and my older brother.

Can anyone relate to my sharing of surviving my childhood abuse? Please feel free to share if you can! I believeI am not alone having the abuse as a child. People had no skills on handling their past or present problems so they took it out on their children.